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Are You Getting the Best Bra Deals You Can?

What’s the one thing we love almost as much as finding the clothes that fit and flatter? Getting a great deal on them! If you love a good deal as much as the next woman, I’ve got one question for you: are you signed up to receive our emails, and following us on Twitter, Facebook

Eight Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas

It’s the day we’ve all been looking forward to (or dreading!) – Valentine’s Day is tomorrow! Looking for something unique to do to celebrate your love? Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about expensive gifts and fancy dinner reservations. Bring romance to your day through these gestures designed to show your lover that you really

The World is Obsessed with What We’re Wearing Under There!

Ladies, bras and undergarments have been making news headlines a lot lately. The media seems obsessed with what we’re wearing under our clothes, and some celebrities have been feeding the flames. Even international skiers are now being quizzed on their undergarments. What do you think about all the attention that women’s undergarments are getting these

Prepare for Valentine’s Day: Lingerie Shopping Tips for Men

Earlier this week, we took a look at what lingerie guys find sexy. Today, we’re going to look at what ladies like! A 2008 survey of 10,000 women revealed that 89% of women didn’t like the lingerie that their guys bought for them! Over half the women surveyed specifically cited red as being “cheap” and

Bra Faux Pas: Visible Bra

Yesterday we talked about the bra faux pas of visible bra straps; today we’re going to go one step further and talk about a visible bra. This one is really a hot topic; some people feel that you should NEVER show your bra, while others feel it’s ok for a tasteful bra to play peek-a-boo