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Labor Day Weekend is Just a Week Away!

The last splash of the summer is just around the corner, ladies! Labor Day weekend, traditionally one of the biggest party weekends of the summer, is just a week away! Are you doing something awesome for Labor Day? Do you need a hot new swimsuit to finish out the summer, or get a jump start

Back to School Goodies for Grown-Ups!

Do you remember what going back to school felt like? The nervousness of your first day? Wondering what the people outside your immediate circle had been doing over the summer, and how you’d stack up? Not quite knowing where your place would be in the year to come? And then, of course – the back

Modest Swimwear is Coming Back in Style!

Are you the kind of woman who wants to be a little more covered up at the pool or beach? Or do you have religious reasons for wanting more coverage in a swimsuit? Regardless of your motivation, there’s good news for you: modest swimwear is coming back in style! A few New York designers are

Do You Think the Olympics are “Killing Womanhood?”

If you spend much time on the internet, you probably already heard about the Turkish commentator who was blasted online after he wrote an article that criticized the Olympics for “killing womanhood.” His article, titled “Womanhood is dying at the Olympics,” went viral yesterday after he said that Olympic competition distorts women’s bodies, and he

Midsummer Clearance Sale? Yes, Please!

Did you know we’re having a midsummer clearance sale on some of our hottest swimsuits? If you don’t go to the site often, or you don’t get our emails, you may have missed this awesome deal. But it’s not too late to take advantage of this great sale and get up to 80% off select