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Spring Break Tips and Tricks if You’re Vacationing Somewhere Tropical!

For some of us, spring break is already here! But for most of us, spring break is right around the corner. If you’re heading off somewhere warm, sunny and tropical for your spring break, don’t forget these tried and true rules to stay protected, look great and avoid hassle along the way! Wear Sunscreen If

With Spring Break Around the Corner – Don’t Forget to Be Good to Yourself!

March has arrived, and for millions of college students around the country, it means Spring Break is just around the corner! If you’ve got hot spring break plans that involve a trip to somewhere warm, sunny and sandy, you’ve probably already started working on that beach-ready body, and you may have been scoping out swimsuits

The Best Bra Solutions for Formal Evening Dresses (Think Oscars!)

Yesterday we took a quick look at some of our favorite Oscar fashions. Most of us never have the opportunity to wear such striking formal couture, but if you ever go out in formal evening-wear, you need the right bra solutions to prevent show-through and look your best. Even better? These tips and tricks work

Who Was Your Favorite Best-Dressed Oscar Attendee?

Last night was the Oscars – a long, often boring event punctuated by moments of excitement as our favorite actors, actresses and directors win these coveted awards. But the Oscars are known for more than just the awards – what the stars wear on this big night is one of the most-discussed topics before and

Swimsuit Problems? The Right Swimsuit Eliminates Common Issues

Have you been frustrated when shopping for swimsuits? Found a swimsuit that looked great on the hanger, but made you feel completely self-conscious when you tried it on? Or even been unable to find a swimsuit that fits properly at all? You’re not alone. We’ve all had swimsuit problems at one time or another. The