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The Today Show Does a Piece on Online Bra Shopping

If you watch the Today show, you probably saw the piece they did recently on online bra shopping! Obviously this is a subject near and dear to our hearts here at Big Girls Bras, so we wanted to highlight a few of their key findings (and refute a bit of erroneous information, too!) Here’s what

How to Get $80-$125 Bras for Only $20-$30: Visit our Mega Clearance Sale!

Who says a Mega Clearance Sale can’t include good stuff, too? When you see a sale at Big Girls Bras, we’re not just trying to get rid of a bunch of bras no-one wants to buy. We give you great deals on fabulous, hand-selected bras from premier designers! If you haven’t shopped our Mega Clearance

Visit Big Girls Bras on YouTube for Fitting Advice, How-Tos and More!

Did you know Big Girls Bras has a YouTube channel where we upload awesome videos designed to give you helpful fitting advice, how-to info, info about what to expect when you order from Big Girls Bras – and more? Well we do! If you’ve been to our page, you’ve probably already seen some of the

Tips for Losing Weight Post-Turkey Day

Thanksgiving Day and the biggest holiday sales weekend of the year are behind us, and now it’s time to take stock and try to normalize before going into the next round of holidays. If you ate too much on Thanksgiving Weekend and put on a few pounds, you’re not alone! Millions of Americans do it

Cyber Monday – Big Girls Bras Style!

Cyber Monday is the biggest online shopping day of the year! Savvy shoppers can wrap up their Christmas shopping and get some great deals on everything from big screen TVs to… bras? That’s right – Big Girls Bras is getting in on the Cyber Monday action! If you’ve missed our Six Days of Super Savings