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How to Help Your Partner Holiday Shop for a Bra or Lingerie

Many couples think it’s romantic to buy one another sexy underwear as a gift, and with the holiday season approaching, now’s the time when your partner may be thinking about getting you a bra or lingerie. But how great would it be for that bra or lingerie to not only fit – but to actually

What’s the Best Bra for Women who Work in an Office?

Millions of women go to work in offices everyday – but how much thought do you give to the bra you put on when you get dressed for work? Wearing the right bra to the office can make a huge difference in your day, from providing all-day comfort to giving you the support you need

Don’t Miss Our Cyber Monday Discounts and Special Offers!

Black Friday has come and gone, but the deals haven’t ended here at Big Girls Bras! If you’re looking to score a little something for yourself this Cyber Monday, we’ve got some great deals and discounts for you! Cyber Monday Score: 15% to 20% Off Select Bra, Swimwear and Accessory Brands! Have you been thinking

Brand Highlight: Sea Salt

It may be cold in much of the country, but there are parts of the world that are still enjoying warm weather – so this week’s brand highlight is for Sea Salt, a women’s clothing company that specializes in casual wear for warm-weather outdoor settings. Whether you’re looking for something to wear to a beach

What’s the Best Bra for Thanksgiving?

With the big day only a few days away, some of you are probably wondering: is there a certain bra that’s best to wear on Thanksgiving? You bet there is! Believe it or not, some bras work better than others for holiday wear, but you might want to do a few wardrobe changes if you’ve