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New Study to Improve Sports Bras

Sports bras have undergone a lot of refinement and evolution in the past 10 years, but only in the past decade has scientific study attempted to understand breast movement and improve sports bras. We’re happy to report that a new study being conducted in the U.K. may help improve sport bra development, and help create

The Right Bra for Hourglass Shapes

We’re looking at body shapes this week here at Big Girls’ Bras. To find the right bra, we know that you not only have to know what band size and cup size you need, but also your body style. The ideally proportioned body is the elusive hourglass shape, but many women don’t have this shape

The Right Bra for the Rectangle or Banana Shaped Body

Women do not come in one-size-fits-all bodies, or even one-style-fits-all. Realistically, the most common body types that women have can be broken down into four categories, and only a small minority have the golden ratio of the typical “hourglass” figure. Most women have different body shapes, but with the right understanding of your body shape,

The Right Bra for the Pear-Shaped Body

Women have bodies in all different shapes and sizes, but the key to looking great no matter what your size is to dress for your body shape! Full-figured women can look great in clothes that accentuate their features and help create a balanced silhouette, while even slender women may not look their best if they’re

The Right Bra for Apple or Upside-Down Triangle Bodies

This week, we’re looking at matching the right bra with your body shape. Women come in all shapes and sizes, but many of these shapes can be condensed down into a few basic body types. Today, we’ll look at the apple and upside-down triangle body shapes. 14 percent of women have apple or inverted triangle