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Bra Changes During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Yesterday, we talked about how your bra needs will change throughout your lifetime as your body goes through different stages. Pregnancy and breastfeeding produce some of the most dramatic changes in your breasts. During pregnancy, your band size and cup size will go up as your body accommodates the child growing inside of you. After

Be Aware of Changes in Your Bra Needs

One of the reasons that so many women walk around wearing the wrong bra size is because they get a fixed idea in their head of what their bra size is. They attach themselves to a number and letter combination that then doesn’t change, no matter what changes they undergo in their lives. This is

Bra Padding Options For Every Preference

In yesterday’s post, we discussed the challenges that breast cancer survivors face. We talked about mastectomy bras for every phase in the process; whether you’re looking for a comfortable post-surgical medical bra, or whether you want a prosthetic bra that can help you feel more like yourself. Many of our mastectomy bras have pockets for

Canada’s BRA Day Addresses Emotional Challenges for Breast Cancer Survivors

Tomorrow is the first BRA Day in Canada. BRA Day, which stands for Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day, is designed to raise awareness and provide education for women who have survived breast cancer. Approximately 45,000 mastectomies were performed on Canadian women in 2010, and 92 percent of those women did not pursue breast reconstruction surgery. BRA

You Don’t Have to Pay a Million Dollars for a Great Bra!

Miranda Kerr, Australian supermodel, made news by wearing a $2.5 million bra by Victoria’s Secret, containing nearly 3,400 precious gems. The Fantasy Treasure push-up bra has 142 carats of white and yellow diamonds, faceted citrines and aquamarines, and pearls, all of which is set in 18-carat white and yellow gold. The centerpiece is set with