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5k Sports Bra Review: Moving Comfort Maia Underwire High Impact Spacer Sports Bra 350011

Since mid-September, I’ve been training for a 5k and trying out different sport bras every week as I trained. This week’s sports bra test was the Moving Comfort Maia Underwire High Impact Spacer Sports Bra 350011. How does this bra hold up to a 40F running in real-life use?

The Moving Comfort Maia Underwire High Impact Spacer Sports Bra 350011: First Impressions
My first thought when trying on this bra was that it was super comfortable. My second thought was: wow, the neck is really high! It looks kinda high in the pictures, but I was surprised by how high it is on me. It could very easily peak out of shirts – even standard t-shirts with a slightly large neck – like an old workout shirt that has been stretched over the years. Luckily, that doesn’t bother me, but it might bother some women.

High neck aside, this is a super comfortable sports bra. In fact, it has beat out the Elomi Energise sports bra as my new most comfortable sport option. It does have an underwire, but the underwire style lays softly against my body and feels almost like it’s not there. It doesn’t chafe under my arms, which is something that my Elomi underwire is starting to do.

It feels extremely supportive because of its inner sling system. Underneath the top layer is an inner sling that provides a lot of the support. It feels heavy duty, but in a good way – not like you’re wearing an industrial torture device. And in spite of that, it still manages to be super comfortable.

The fabric is soft and breathable and does a decent job of moisture-wicking. The cups lift and separate – it does use some compression but your boobs don’t look squished and you don’t get the uni-boob look. It’s flattering enough that I’d wear it as an everyday bra on the weekend or when working around the house or running errands.

How Does it Hold Up to Running?
This is the real question, though: how does it hold up to running? I really love how comfortable this bra is, and it has some reviews that specifically say it provides good support when running… so I hate having to say that it’s only so-so. It does feel supportive, but when you’re actually running, there’s bounce. It’s noticeable.

Because of some fluke in the construction, the whole bust moves as one unit when it bounces. It’s not nearly as much bounce as a regular bra, so women who haven’t worn a really supportive running bra may think it’s fine. After trying the Shock Absorber Level 4 D Plus Max Sports Bra Top B4490 last week, though, I know better.

Overall: it is super comfortable and I want to love it. I may end up wearing it when my more supportive sports bras are in the laundry, or if I’m doing a low or medium impact workout… but it’s just not up to supporting my bust while I run.

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