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5K Sports Bra Review: Enell Sports Bra

Over the past five weeks, I’ve been trying out five different sports bras as I’ve been training for my upcoming 5k run! This week, I’m reviewing the final sports bra in my series: the much-lauded Enell Sports Bra! I’ve been itching to try this bra ever since I first learned about it, and this 5k series seemed like the perfect excuse to pull the trigger and finally buy it! How does this bra hold up to real life use of a 40F running?

Enell Sports Bra: First Impressions
I’ve read so much about this bra, and the women on our site seem to love it so much – I’ve been dying to try this one out. I got it in Hope Pink for our Enell Breast Cancer Month Promotion (for every Enell Sports Bra sold in Hope Pink by the end of October, Enell is donating 10% of the purchase to a breast cancer-related charity) and I was super excited when it arrived.

First impression: this is a heavy-duty bra. The bra band is wide and serious-looking, and the unique criss-crossing support slings across the back of the bra are clearly designed to provide some serious support. From the outside, it looks like a fairly innocuous sports bra, but when you look at it from the inside, all of the extra reinforcement is obvious. On the downside, when you’re wearing it, all that reinforcement is a bit constrictive. The bra doesn’t really have much give, and it doesn’t seem to move with you when you move – it stays put. This could be good from a running standpoint, but it’s definitely not the most comfortable sports bra I’ve tried.

It does have one big plus in its favor: as a front-close sports bra, it was super easy to put on. On the downside, the hook-and-eye closures feel like there are about a zillion there – it never seems to end. But this is still superior over putting on the Shock Absorber Level 4D Plus Max Sports Bra Top B4490 – which I feel is this bra’s closest competitor out of my lineup.

Unfortunately, I discovered when I first put on the bra that I think the sizing is a little big for me. It’s a compression-style sports bra, but there was a little extra space in the bra. I bought the right size according to Enell’s measurements, but if I had it to do over again, I’d buy it a size smaller. Because of this style, there’s no adjustability – it’s either the right size or the wrong. No extra sets of hooks and eyes or adjustable straps to snug things up as needed. Also, as a compression bra, it does give you the dreaded uni-boob when you’re wearing it. If you care about how you look, you might not love it.

Final little nitpick: many of the women who have reviewed this bra on our site have called it breathable. I’ve gotta disagree. It was by far the warmest (hottest) sports bra I’ve tried on this little journey. That’s fine if you’re running in the cold, as I have been, but if it’s warm weather, I think this bra would be even more uncomfortable.

How Does it Hold Up to Running?
So here’s the big question: how does the Enell Sports Bra hold up to running? It’s almost everything I hoped it would be… almost. Because of the little extra room in the cups, I do get a little bounce when I run. I think that would be mitigated if the bra was the correct size. Aside from the cups feeling just a little bit big, the rest of the fit feels quite snug, and it’s a bit constrictive – but not in a good way – when running. I prefer a bra to move with me when I’m working out, and this one just doesn’t move. Good from a support standpoint, but not great comfort-wise. It bothered me.

Overall: the design is clearly all about control and support, and this bra delivers that in spades. As much as I wanted to love it, though, I think this may not be my top pick. We’ll have to see which one comes in on top in my final comparison next week!

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