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Monthly Archive:: March 2013

Our First Friday Q&A!

We here at Big Girls Bras love to help out our shoppers with all of the information we’ve accumulated through our 15 years in business! We’re happy to help you when you reach out to us via social media, such as our Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ pages, and we strive to provide you with useful

Our Top Swimsuit Picks for Fitness Swimming!

If you’ve been reading our series on swimming for fitness this week, you’ve already heard about the great fitness benefits of swimming, and how easy it is to get started! Are you ready to take the plunge and start your own fitness swimming program? If you’re ready to pull the trigger, here’s what you need

5 Tips to Start a Swimming for Fitness Program

Did you know that there are 30 million fitness swimmers in the United States? Or that an hour of vigorous swimming can burn as many as 660 calories – roughly as much as jogging at 6 miles per hour? Experts say that as little as three hours per week swimming – one hour a day,

Is Swimming for Fitness the New Fat-Busting Trick?

With spring finally here and temperatures starting to warm up, many of us are frantically trying to shed a few pounds before the bulky winter coats are gone for the season, and before we have to step onto the beach! But if you’re like me, you’ve tried every fat-burning trick in the book and have

Got a Case of the Mondays? Pretend it’s the Weekend and Shop for a Sexy New Date Outfit!

Don’t let Monday get you down – start thinking about the weekend ahead, and snag yourself a sexy new cami to spice up your date outfit! Last Friday, we took a look at some of our most comfortable camis that you’ll love to lounge around in on the weekends. Today, we’ll look at some of